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Edmund Bushnell/Plainly & demonstratively teaching the proportions used by experienced shipwrights according to their custom of building. 76 pages

Hardcover Elephant Folio

by Edmund Bushnell, Ship-Wright
Plainly and Demonstratively Teaching the Proportions used by Experienced Ship-Wrights, according to their Custome of Building; both Geometrically and Arithmetically performed. To which is added, Certain Propositions in Geometry, the use of a Diagonall Scale, to draw a Draught, with the Making, Graduating, or Marking of a Bend of Moulds,and ordering of the same. The Extraction of the Square Root with A Table of Squares. Also, a way of Rowing of Ships, by heaving at the Capstane, usefull in any Ship Becalm'd; with other things usefull in that Art. Printed by W. Layborn for George hurlock, and are to be sold at his Shop at Magnus Church corner in Thams-Street, neer London-Bridge, 1664.

So goes the title page for this substantive and influential early work on ship-building, originally published in1664. Our reprint retains the type style and form of the original and is completely reset in that style, with the exception of the extender "s'ses", e.g., (from above) Plainly and Demonftratively Teaching the Proportions ufed by Experienced Ship-Wrights, according to the Cuftome of Building; etc. All other seventeenth century attributes and spelling are retained however. An example of the original title page and that of our reprint is shown below.

Edmund Bushnell, 76 pages