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Henry Bond, Wm. Fisher & Edward Hayward/Rigging ships in 1670 -" the masting, yarding and rigging of any ship whose length, breadth and depth is known." 105 pages

Hardcover Elephant Folio

by >Henry Bond, Teacher of Navigation, Surveying, and other parts of the Mathematicks, near Ratcliff-Cross.  The Scale is made in Brass or Wood by Joseph Hone on Tower-Wharf.
Wherin is shewed a true Proportion for the Masting, Yarding,a nd Rigging of any Ship, whose Length, Breadth, and Depth is known: with Rules for the Sizes and Lengths of all sorts of Rigging that belongs to any Ship. Also the use of an opening Scale, that if the length of the Main Mast be put upon it with a pair of Compasses, you may measure upon the Scale the Lengths and Thickness of all the other Masts and Yards; and also the Sizes, the Lengths and the number of Fathoms of every Size for the Rigging of any Ship, without altering the Scale. Also here is added a Plain and Easie Rule for Rigging andy Ship by the Length of its own Masts and Yards. London, Printed by W. Godbid, for William Fisher at the Postern-Gate near Tower-Hill, and Benjamin Hurlock over against St. Magnus-Church on London-Bridge near Thmes-Street. 1670

So goes the title page for this substantive and influential early work on ship-building, rigging and management, originally published in1670. Our reprint retains the type style and form of the original and is completely reset in that style, with the exception of the extender "s'ses", e.g., (from above) "Wherein is fhewed a true Proportion for the Mafting, Yarding, and Rigging of any Ship, whofe . . . etc." All other seventeenth century attributes and spelling are retained however. An example of the original title page and that of our reprint is shown below. Included in the compilation are "A Plain and Easie Rule" (1676) as mentioned above and also "The Sizes and Lengths of Rigging for all His Majesties Ships and Frigats." (1660)

Henry Bond, Wm. Fisher & Edward Hayward, 105 pages