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William Brady/Appertaining to the Practical Evolutions of Modern Seamanship, Rigging, Knotting, Splicing, Blocs, Purchases, Running-Rigging. 400 pages

Hardcover Elephant Folio

or, Young Sailor's Assistant
Appertaining to the Practical Evolutions of Modern Seamanship,
Rigging, Knotting, Splicing, Blocks, Purchases, Running-Rigging,
and other Miscellaneous Matters, Applicable to Ships of War and Others.
by William Brady, Sailing Master, U.S.N.

Here's the young American Navy's answer to d'Arcy Lever . First published just a few years after Lever's ground-breaking work, this no-nonsense volume is in many ways more complete and comprehensive than Lever's. In addition, while providing much practical advice it also includes many of the tables found in Steele. It's a good combination of the two, though not as well illustrated as the Lever book, and not as far-reaching in other sail rigs and ship types as Steel. From the preface: In offering the following work to the public, the author deems no apology necessary, as it was written for the use of the Naval and Merchant Service of the United States, as a ready means of introducing Young Sailors to the theory of that art by which they must expect to advance in the profession they have chosen. . . Should it fall into the hands of the learned, they will bear in mind that he is better versed with the marlinespike  than the pen, and that it was composed in the hours of relaxation from official duties. Like Lever's book, there are laudatory reviews in the first pages. One of them;This I conceive to be a valuable work, and well calculated to be useful to the Service"., Joshua R. Sands, Commander U.S. Navy. First published in 1849.
Publisher's Note: Our reprint restores the elephant folio (11"   X 17") sizing of the original volume which was reduced in the 1932 reprint which has been out of print for some years.

William Brady, 400 pages