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Dideriot and D'Alembert/Diderot's Maritime Volume from the great Encyclopedia of he an d'Alembert. (Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century).

Hardcover Elephant Folio

a volume in L'Encyclopedie Diderot et D'Alembert

There was no better guide to the state of the art of all things in the early to middle part of the 18th century than this encyclopedia. A momentous work, it was later divided into a number of individual volumes, of which Marine treats of all aspects of ship building, ship handling and seamanship. The engravings alone are extraordinary; everything from blocks and rigging and the French Line of Battle,  to how to forge an anchor! In French.
Our edition restores the Elephant Folio (11" X 17") sizing of the original.

Dideriot and D'Alembert